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Ambedkar wants to put his siblings through school!


B. Ambedkar working in the automobile trade!

B. Ambedkar first dropped out of school in 10th grade, because his family was no longer able to support his school fees.  Ambedkar couldn’t just sit idly, though. He had to figure out a way to support this family.  After all, his father is a farmer and he has a brother and a sister who are both studying in 7th grade.  Without an additional source of income, his brother and sister may not have been able to finish school as well.

Instead, Ambedkar joined free classes at the Padma Industrial School, and is training in the automobile trade.  Since all Padma students go on to find sustainable employment, he can be certain that he will be earning between $65-85 a month after he completes his year of training.  This will be enough to support his parents and put his siblings through school.

It is thanks to 11 generous donors: Ritu (two months), Payal, Lynann, Vivek, John, Katherine, Andrea, Selvam, Manisha, Mr. Ittner and Joe (1 month), that Ambedkar will be able to complete his training.  Thank you all for your generous support of Ambedkar and the Padma Industrial School!

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